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Golden Bead Set

what's inside

The Golden Bead Set is an essential material for guiding children to understand our base 10 number system in all its facets. This work can start as young as age 4.5 in Montessori, and in elementary children both reinforce and extend that learning. The Golden Beads are used for a hands-on introduction to the four arithmetic operations and, later, for divisibility and squaring work. This material is a cornerstone of the Montessori math program.  

This material includes: 

- 1 large wooden tray for storage
- Golden unit beads x45
- Golden bead ten bars x45 
- Wooden hundred squares x45
- Wooden thousand cubes x9 
- Large wooden decimal system cards and holder 
- Small wooden decimal system cards and holder 

Homeschool Album

Sample Lesson

Watch this video from our Homeschool Album which covers how to practice addition with the Golden Bead Set!

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