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Hands-on Learning

Introduce children to the world of abstract concepts with the powerful Montessori approach that does not rely on rote memorization, but that uses physical, hands-on discovery to activate deeper learning.

Kits for every stage

Our materials kits are thoughtfully designed by certified Montessori educators and are specifically curated to support your child's current developmental stage.

Sequentially Designed

Each set is designed to last for several years of level-appropriate learning, and can be used for a variety of exercises progressing in degree of difficulty.

Home-based learning reimagined

With the purchas of any Guidepost Montessori materials kits, you'll get access to instructional resources that guide you in better understanding when to introduce and how to use Montessori learning materials.


Premium Montessori materials for your home

Inspire a Love of Learning

Whether you are currently homeschooling or looking to supplement your child's learning, Guidepost Montessori kits are helping parents everywhere to deliver joyful learning together.

Each kit is designed by Montessori-certified educators and comes complete with high quality materials and access to instructional videos and resources online. Explore our premium Montessori materials used in Guidepost classrooms across the world, now available directly to you!

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Receive one free month and gain access to more than 2,000 Montessori homeschool lessons with the purchase of any kit.

Lesson videos for you to guide appropriate activities for children ages 2-12 and will seamlessly tie into the materials from your Guidepost kit.

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Why Quality Montessori Materials Matter

Montessori learning materials are known for: 

1. Activating joy: Montessori learning materials are both beautiful and intentional. They are “self-correcting,” which means that they are designed in a way for the child to use independently. When used with the appropriate curriculum scope and sequence, Montessori children become immersed in these materials with great focus and satisfaction. 

2. Honoring the need for movement: Movement is viewed as a fundamental part of how children learn in Montessori. The Montessori
learning materials are “passive,” meaning they invite the child to do something in order to see what happens, further supporting the child’s natural drive to learn through movement and self-discovery.  

3. Concrete understanding: Instead of rote memorization, the Montessori curriculum and materials emphasize concrete before abstract, where the aim is not quick acquisition of knowledge, but comprehension and retention of knowledge. 

4. Real-world connections: Well-constructed learning materials should provide real feedback about the world. A child understanding volume needs to feel differences in volume with their own hands. Things should be heavy or light, rough or smooth. These variations teach children how to classify and understand the world around them. 

Designed by Education Experts

The materials that make up our kits were hand-selected and designed by education experts, and have been specifically curated to support your child's current developmental stage. Our kits allow for a carefully sequenced, self-paced approach to Montessori curriculum from the comfort of your own home. The curriculum we use in our classrooms and around the world has been made easily accessible on our Altitude learning platform and is the foundation for all of our at-home and school programs.

Take a look below and see what makes each one of our kits special to their specific age group!

What's Inside Our Kits

Each kit is designed with your child's age in mind. Explore our hand-selected, Montessori materials curated to promote independent learning.

The Value of Your Purchase

Montessori materials are designed to allow for a child to work independently. They are intentionally designed to allow a child to recognize when something is not correct, and to correct it themselves. The emphasis is always on keeping alive the spark of curiosity, supporting and encouraging independence and nurturing each child's inherent desire to learn.

This means the work needs to be set up in a way that the child can correct herself when she makes mistakes. In a Montessori classroom, the role of the adult is to keenly observe each child’s interests and abilities, and introduce the next series of lessons and concepts when a child shows he or she is ready to move onto the next level. Your role as a parent or caregiver is equally as important in introducing your child to materials in your Guidepost kit. You will be the one to prepare the learning environment for your child at home, and help introduce materials in a developmentally appropriate sequence. To get the most out of learning with your Guidepost kit, we highly encourage you to read through the resources on this page, and set aside dedicated time to learning the content. This means reading through the guided description of each material in your kit to understand the intentionally behind how it is designed, how to introduce it to your child, and prerequisite skills to help you assess your child's level and readiness.

We promise It's not as daunting as it seems! Learning to work with our kits can be a curious and exciting journey for adults who have not previously worked with Montessori materials and we welcome you to lean in, remind you that making mistakes is ok, and that learning how to learn together with your child is part of what makes the process special.

Sample lesson

Lesson 1: Distributive Law

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We take the quality of our Montessori materials kits very seriously. If any items are damaged or missing, please let us know so that we can make things right by contacting 

Mathematics is a uniquely powerful discipline, one that enables us to comprehend and manipulate quantities of all sorts. Advanced mathematics is indispensable for certain very lucrative careers that it makes possible. Even in everyday life, fairly advanced mathematics — of the sort that, until recently in history, was learned by a tiny minority — is highly useful. From calculating measurements for a DIY project to working out how many weeks' pocket money is needed to buy a new video game, math is versatile and important.

However, the study of mathematics offers gifts far beyond numeracy and calculation. It allows children to develop and exercise their reasoning mind. It teaches students how to evaluate situations, mentally test hypotheses, employ problem-solving strategies, derive conclusions, and articulate them clearly. As has been recognized since the time of the Ancient Greeks, math serves as the best model for, and the best practice for, core aspects of human reasoning. These are critical skills that students will need in their future workplaces, in their personal lives, indeed in every aspect of navigating a world increasingly characterized by demanding, rapid change.

And so the key outcomes of math education in our elementary programs are two-fold:

A deep understanding of the way numbers work and relate to each other, as well as the ability to manipulate them quickly and easily.The acquisition of cognitive powers and habits that can apply to all other areas of one’s life.

Students who study math, in short, gain the ability to better form and deploy complex knowledge — in general. Whether its solving a difficult engineering problem or solving a thorny personal problem, one needs to be able to: identify and separate different operative factors, organize these factors, bring different elements of knowledge to bear on the problem in a systematic way, and pressure-test one’s thinking for mistakes, problems, and weaknesses. These are the skills that our elementary programs impart when teaching mathematics.

Read more about Mathematics in the Elementary classroom here

Gain access to our carefully sequenced, self-paced Montessori curriculum online with our Guidepost Homeschool program! Our curriculum has been made easily accessible on our Altitude learning platform and is the foundation for all of our at-home and school programs.

Guidepost Homeschool is available for:

- Early Years (children ages 2 to 6)
- Elementary Years (children ages 6 to 12)

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We offer a practical homeschool for busy parents. Our digital curriculum allows you to gain access to:

- Curriculum developed by Montessori educators and trainers.
- A self-directed learning through our Altitude platform
- Ongoing delivery of traditional Montessori learning materials for the home and guidance for how to set-up
- Parent community and digital resources to help in planning

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Be sure to locate the welcome note and QR code which gives you access to setup instructions and creating a prepared environment for your child to best utilize their new kit.

If you are still having issues and need help, reach out to at any time. We are happy to help!

These material kits are shipped upon confirmation of your registration. You can expect to receive your materials within 30 days of purchase.

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