Early Years Numeracy Kit

Mini Red Rods and Number Rods

what's inside

Guidepost’s Mini Red Rods and Number Rods is a 2-in-1 material that bridges your child’s sensorial explorations with their first introduction to numeracy. Perfect for tabletop use, it is a practical alternative to the standard Red Rods and Number Rods found in Montessori school environments, which are up to 1 meter in length.  

The Red Rods isolate the quality of length and provide practice at ordering the rods from longest to shortest. This sensorial work is a prerequisite for the Number Rods, which introduce concepts of quantity from 1 to 10 in a unique way. With the Number Rods, children are not simply learning the sequence of numbers from 1 to 10—they are learning that each number can be experienced as a unit in itself, making clear the value of each number. The Number Rods also highlight the difference in quantity between one rod and the next when they are laid next to one another. This provides an early experience in number sense and sets a foundation for work with addition and subtraction.  

Guidepost’s Mini Red Rods and Number Rods contain ten wooden red rods, ten wooden red-and-blue rods, and ten number tiles. Everything is contained within a divided wooden box with lid. 


This material includes:

- 1 wooden box for storage
- Assorted rods: from 1 inch to 10 inches

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