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Large Bead Frame

what's inside

The Large Bead Frame provides a valuable bridge to abstraction for the elementary child’s understanding of multiplication. As they move from the very hands-on experience of earlier materials, the child utilizes the Large Bead Frame to practice new aspects of long multiplication and to record their work on paper.  

The Large Bead Frame can also be used to reinforce addition and subtraction with large numbers. 

This material is made up of seven rows of colored beads in green, blue, and red. Each row represents a category of numbers in the decimal system from the units to millions. The units, thousands, and millions are color-coded with white, grey, and black sections along the left side of the frame to orient the child to the hierarchies.

This material includes:

- Large frame with beads

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Sample Lesson

Watch this video from our Homeschool Album which covers the initial presentation of the Large Bead Frame and how to use it!

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