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Sentence Analysis Movable Pieces

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Guidepost’s Sentence Analysis Movable Pieces material contains everything the child needs for practicing the craft of analyzing a sentence into its logical parts, and nothing that they don’t. 

With this versatile set, the child can start with the simplest of sentences (“Toby ran.”) to discover who the subject is and what they did. Next the child can move on to sentences of mid-level complexity that include modifiers, direct and indirect objects, as well as appositives (“The driver, Cameron, brought us a special package.”). More advanced analysis includes a variety of prepositional phrases and the meaning they bring to sentences (“In November, we moved across town for good.”) 

Guidepost’s Sentence Analysis Movable Pieces is made of color-coded wooden circles, triangles, and arrows that come in a wooden box with lid. Arrows have question prompts on one side and grammatical terms on the other.  

This material includes:

- 1 large red circle
- 4 black circles of decreasing size 
- 9 small orange circles 
- 2 black triangles 
- 2 blue triangles 
- 3 black arrows with questions and terms 
- 2 blue arrows with questions and terms 
- 9 orange arrows with questions and terms 
- Wooden box for storage

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Sample Lesson

Watch this video from our Homeschool Album which introduces sample sentence patterns using the Sentence Analysis Set!

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