Early Years Sensorial 2 Kit

Mini Geometric Solids

what's inside

Guidepost’s Mini Geometric Solids are perfect for home use in their scale and precision. This set of 10 solids has a clear finish and includes 3 stands for keeping the curvy solids upright.  

Children gain lasting familiarity with the various three-dimensional solids by learning to recognize them by sight as well as by feel (hands only – no peeking!). The names for each solid are reinforced with 3-period lessons and distance games. All of this practice lays a strong foundation for the child’s work with solids in the elementary years, when they are key to studies of in-depth geometric vocabulary, relationships, and explorations of volume.  

Work with the geometric solids promotes a child’s stereognostic sense, their ability to use their hands to recognize shapes and objects.

This material includes:

- Solid geometric shapes ranging from 2 – 3 inches in length
- Solid wooden stands

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Sample Lesson

Watch this video from our Homeschool Album which features an introductory lesson to the Mini Geometric Solids.

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