Early Years Sensorial 1 Kit

Geometric Shape Insets

what's inside

Guidepost’s Geometric Shape Insets are a multi-purpose material that’s ideal for the home user. It is an excellent introduction to plane geometry and the vocabulary of basic shapes. 

The wooden shapes’ small knobs promote the child’s pincer grasp when they match the insets to the frames in various ways: a few at a time, all of them together, or at a distance. At a later stage, this material can also serve as a substitute for the Montessori metal insets, a fine-motor activity that prepares the child’s hand for good penmanship.

This material includes:

- 9 knobbed wooden shapes
- 9 wooden shape frames
- 1 wooden tray to hold everything neatly. 

Homeschool Album

Sample Lesson

Watch this video from our Homeschool Album which speaks to the lesson involving Geometric Shape Insets: Miscellaneous Figures.

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