Early Years Sensorial 1 Kit

Cylinder Block No. 1

what's inside

Cylinder Blocks are one of the most recognizable Montessori materials. Guidepost’s Cylinder Block No. 1 provides the child with practice at visual discrimination of size in that the height of the cylinders remains constant while the diameter decreases from thick to thin.  

This material possesses a perfect example of the Montessori idea of a control of error: the cylinders won't all fit if one has been misplaced. In this way, the material is self-correcting, and the child can see for themself if they have completed the activity correctly.  

This material includes:

- 1 solid block containing 10 knobbed cylinders of varying diameters

Homeschool Album

Sample Lesson

Watch this video from our Homeschool Album which demonstrates the initial presentation using the Cylinder Block material.

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