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Binomial Cube

what's inside

The Binomial Cube—an iconic Montessori material—is a concrete representation of the algebraic formula (a + b) to the power of 3. The factors of the equation are represented by the cubes and prisms. The lid shows the pattern in plane dimension. 

With this material, the child explores how the pieces relate to one another in terms of their dimensions, shapes, and colors. It is a puzzle that the child can tackle in stages of increasing challenge; for example, by matching pieces to the box lid, building one layer at a time, or building it outside the box. 

Practice with the Binomial Cube provides the child with a concrete experience of a foundational mathematical term, one that they will relate back to repeatedly in mathematical explorations later in the Montessori Elementary program. This hands-on experience helps to ground the child’s understanding of early algebraic concepts because they know how the terms relate to one another.   

This material includes:

- 8 wooden cubes and rectangular prisms, painted in various colors, inside a hinged, wooden box with lid 

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Watch this video from our Homeschool Album which demonstrates the initial lesson associated with the Binomial Cube!

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